Living in Mønten Kollegium

While participating in the DIS Copenhagen program, I decided to live in a kollegium setting as opposed to a homestay. For students who live in a kollegium, DIS provides both a form of transportation and a card with a grocery stipend. Furthermore, the kollegium option gives DIS students the opportunity to live with one anotherContinue reading “Living in Mønten Kollegium”

Walking Around Copenhagen

Today marks seven days since I left the United States for Copenhagen. To get to know the city better and because I have no specific set-times to be anywhere, I have been walking everywhere. There are different forms of transportation that I could take, but walking is the best way to see the city. AsContinue reading “Walking Around Copenhagen”

Dealing With Pre-Departure Jitters

To start off, I would like to proudly announce that I just finished my second whole day at Kollegium and I am still alive and I have not yet lost my passport or vaccination card (tbd if I make it through the whole semester with those two). However, just because I am alive and breathingContinue reading “Dealing With Pre-Departure Jitters”

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