Rose and Thorn (October 6th)

Just a reminder rose and thorn is basically a recap of the highs and lows of my day while studying abroad.

I’m going to start off with my thorn today. While abroad, some people catch feelings or they catch a fish or they catch a handball in Denmark. So far, I have caught none of those. Instead, I caught… wait for it… pink eye!

I’ve had pink eye before and I knew what it was right when I woke up. Last time I had pink eye, I walked 2 minutes to my schools health center and they helped me right away. I didn’t even know how to start the process of going to the doctors in Denmark.

Luckily, DIS provides all of this information to us and I was able to make an appointment at the doctors for 10:30 AM. The appointment itself was just like it is in the US. I arrived at the building, found the right floor, walked through the door of the office, and then checked into my appointment, sat down, and waited.

The office itself was a juxtaposition of sorts–all of the other patients were old couples but the office was decorated for little children with lots of little books, giant stuffed animals, and a bunch of toys. Needless to say, my age and the look of confusion on my face when I walked in made it really easy for them to know I was the English speaker that called to make an appointment.

When the doctor called me in, I figured out the office thought my name was Cass instead of Tess (even through I spelled my name out on the phone). After we cleared that up, she simply asked what was wrong, examined my eye, and within 5 minutes I had a prescription to help my pink eye. She was extremely nice and told me to come back if it gets worse.

I paid a $30 equivalent in cash but they did accept credit cards. DIS said that many doctors offices only accept cash. Just in case any of you happen to be in Demark and happen to get pink eye too, you should bring cash. With DIS insurance, I saved the receipt and I can file an insurance claim to get reimbursed (instructions found on the DIS website).

The next step was finding a pharmacy, an “apotek” in Danish, to get my eye drops. I found one on my walk home and stopped right in. Instead of waiting in line, you grab a ticket to get a number and a nice man helped me figure out how to get a number for my prescription. When everything is in Danish and you only speak English, things tend not to be self-explanatory.

After I got home, I put in some eye drops and I am well on the road to recovery.

Sometimes you get pink roses, other times you get pink eye. That is just life.

tess weber

My rose? I’m not really sure to be honest. Good practice of adulting? Got to see a new part of Copenhagen where the doctors office was? Got a good story to tell/blog post from it? Experienced the benefits of the welfare state? You choose.

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